GEOFLY d.o.o.

About us

GEOFLY Ltd is a company established in 2016 and based in Zagreb. Our main aim is to offer services of high quality and prompt collection of spatial data combining airborne and terrestrial laser scanning technology. In addition to other services, our goal is to collect, process and deliver spatial data in a quick, detailed and precise way in order to support the optimal business management of our end customers.

The achievements of a company are the results of the combined effort of all company levels. A young team of employees, education, new technologies, usage of environmentally friendly equipment as well as constant investment in the education of employees and business partners are the tools that enable us to invest in the knowledge of our company and to realize the potential to gain and maintain the competitive advantage on the market.

The cooperation with experts from various fields (lawyers, architects, civil engineers...) allows us to find a solution to every problem you might have.


GEOVISUALIZATION - a combination of cartography, satellite imagery analysis, spatial data analysis and GIS

We offer services for creating high-quality maps and other graphical representations with the main purpose of improving and understanding spatial relations, concepts, conditions and processes, focusing on the collaboration with other companies from the same or similar branch as well as local and state institutions.

Parcelling of land

In order to obtain unique data on certain real estate, it is necessary to create a parcelling report. The cadastral data and the land registry data in Croatia are very often different from the actual state of affairs. Parcelling of land is a procedure of changing the shape and size of a parcel in the cadastre and landregistry. Generally, one cadastral parcel is divided into more of them or more parcels are merged into one.


Legalization of a building is a process for obtaining a permit to keep an illegally constructed building or its part in the area. Obtaining such a document does not imply an automatic entry in the land registry.

Property rights issues

Dealing with property rights issues such as setting up plot boundaries, identification of plots, utilisation of geodetic survey reports, entering buildings and plots in public registries, dealing with disputes arising from discrepancies between cadastral data and land registry data as well as omissions during the project planning and building of residential and service buildings etc., all these things demand a support of geodesists and other experts.

Laser scanning

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) provides an insight into a large amount of spatial data acquired by Terrestrial Laser Scanning – TLS or Airborne Laser Scanning - ALS technique. Laser scanners are widely used in archaeological excavations, in surveying bridges, roads, buildings and tunnels and in creation of a digital model of relief (DMR). They are also used in the aircraft industry, in designing ships, trains etc. By representing the real conditions of the terrain and objects with a 3D model, we can deliver projects at a superior quality level.

Gathering documentation and permission for unmanned aerial vehicles

If you wish to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, we will obtain the necessary permissions and all necessary documents for you so you could pilot your UAV carefree.





We are located in the western part of Zagreb, in Huzjanova 22. The site can be accessed from main roads such as Aleja Bologne, Škorpikova ulica or the Jankomir interchange. We are well connected by public transport (bus, train) and have parking space for clients.



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